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We did it!

26 Apr

We have more than enough volunteers – how fabulous is that?

I’ve had a few half-naked men emailing me pictures too. It’s such a hard life, organising this…

If you still want to get involved, don’t worry – we need reserves, just in case, so please still email in.

I’m busy organising my other charity event for the time being, and then will be organising the fun part – the PHOTOSHOOTS! Hurrah!

We’ve had lots of media attention, and major magazine interest. Let’s hope we can raise loads of money for our charities.


In the news / Only 3 places left, chaps!

20 Apr

The Nude Accountant’s Calendar is making the accounting news!

We’ve been on AccountingWeb yesterday and in Accountancy Live today.

We’ve also had a few more volunteers come out of the woodwork and we now only have 3 spaces left for the men.

Are you the next Mr February, April or October?

Nearly there!

17 Apr

We are about 6 brave volunteers away from two full calendars.

It’s amazing how excited some people are about this…!

Apparently the men are more shy than the women so if you know any male accountants who want to do something a little different for charity, send them our way.

Have a look at how we are getting on here